The Thimblety Story

For thousands of years, the people of China have been brewing world-famous tea often unattainable in the West.

Times have changed. As a traditional Chinese tea company and importer, we at Thimblety are  dedicated to providing a diversity of Chinese tea products to tea lovers worldwide.

With a coffee pod brewer and one of our tea pods, enjoying a delicious cup of tea has never been so simple, easy, and quick.

To help you on your journey toward the perfect cup of traditional Chinese tea, many flavor profiles are available for every palette. Whether new to the world of tea or a seasoned expert, our flavors range from rich and strong to more delicate sweet-tasting tea experiences.

Regardless of your previous experience with tea, you’ll find that Thimblety meets your every expectation. Delve into the world of Thimblety today and experience a cup of our tea in a brand new light